Liliana De Pellegrin is an Italian clothing designer graduated from the Ecole de la Chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne currently the French Institute of Fashion.

Finalist of the First Grand Prize for Fashion Designers and winner of the Saga International Design Center competition, she has also exhibited her creations at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Lausanne.

Specialising in the manufacture and marketing of 100% cotton blouses, she has a particular taste fo contrasts. From baroque to classicism, from the sublime to the custom-made, her créations “Rich Colours & Perfect Appearance” are for her a means of expression and freedom.

In harmony with the aesthetic reality and the attachment to the natural, this dualism of genres that she proposes is like a rebalancing between two opposing forces that align themselves with preciousness.

In 2019, she founded lineaTua by  , an online clothing e-commerce visible on its website.


In quality blouses, fabrics are recognizable by their titling and twist. We mainly use “doppio ritorto” yarn (in Italian), i.e. obtained by twisting together two single yarns to form a unique yarn in order to improve its mechanical qualities and provide more resistance and silkiness. This technique makes the yarn softer and increases the diameter of the thread to obtain a better-quality fabric.

At lineaTua by woman’s shirt must be flawless and flattering to the body. Tighter at the waist, the lineaTua slim fit cut, highlights the silhouette and makes it leaner while following the body’s shape.


Each lineaTua blouse is traditionally made. The blouses are sewn with great attention to detail, according to well-known methods and techniques of Italian craftsmanship. About ten experienced seamstresses specialized in each operation make the lineaTua blouses. It takes 90 minutes of work to make a piece.

Produced in limited quantities, lineaTua by blouses offer you the assurance of a unique style. Each seam is reinforced with high-precision sewing machines.